Youtube SEO 2020 | Rank your Videos on Youtube

Introduction to SEO

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It means Rank your Content to Search Engine. Every Website or Youtube Video needs SEO to rank on Search Engines. SEO is likely the most essential part of Any Video. Without SEO, you can not achieve 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Time. So here we are with some latest tricks and Working Method to get ranked on Youtube and Doing Youtube SEO. If you want to rank your videos or you are making good content and quality videos, but you are not getting views. So, this post is obviously for you. But, Before that, you should know about youtube Policies and Algorithms.

Youtube Video Polices

To make your video SEO friendly, you should upload the content that is allowed and having no Violations. If it has Violations, So how stronger is your SEO is doesn’t matter. Your video will be Flagged, and it will be deleted. So here is Important Thing for Youtube SEO is your video should not contain things that are not allowed on Youtube.

Youtube Algorithms

As we know, Youtube is a Video Sharing Site, and it has almost Millions of active users at a time. So, You can easily understand that How stronger will be Youtube Algorithms. Don’t worry! It’s all about the experience, so we are giving you 100% working tricks for youtube SEO and for ranking videos on Youtube. You can easily follow it from the next Paragraph.

100% Working Youtube SEO Tricks in 2020

To rank your videos on Youtube, Follow Instructions Carefully to get more view and rank on Youtube.

1.Focus on Starting 30s

The main Algorithm of Youtube SEO is to catch your Viewer in till the 30s. But how can you that? All you have to do is to make content with 720p or 1080p. It will help your Videos a Lot. To hanging your viewers till 30 Seconds, you have not to make long intros or other things start your video from 0:00 and show your introduction at the end of the video. Because if you catch viewers until 30 Seconds, it usually leaves a good impression on Youtube SEO Bots.

2.Make an Attractive Thumbnail

If you have visited Youtube Studio, so you noticed a Tab of Impressions and Clicked Through Rate, so this is what about. It means that The Word “Impressions” means How many times your Thumbnail has been shown to other Users. Let Suppose if your total Impressions 100 and your total views are 80, so it means that you have made an attractive and good looking thumbnail which Click through rate is 80%. You have to do is to describe your video in your Thumbnail by showing proof or some text. It will make your Youtube SEO more Stronger.


Engagements mean “To say your viewer to do something”. It means that if you’ve forced your Viewer indirectly to Like Video, Comment, Subscribe and share. So it will make your video more SEO Friendly and extend your Engagements. But how to grow Engagements? You have seen many YouTubers to telling their viewers to this is Like Target. You can create a poll to extend your Engagements. It totally depends on you that how much you can force your Viewer to do some Engagement.

  1. Title, Tag and Description

For the title, tag and description you should go to Google Ads and search for a Keyword than put this keyword in the title, tag and report. It will send Youtube SEO bots that it is actual video and the topic of video. You should consider searching for keywords with “how-to” Because many people Search with “How to”. If you’ve better title, description and tag so there will be a higher chance to rank on Youtube.

Don’t Do these things with your video:

  • Do not watch your video again and again, Because Youtube knows. Your IP so if you watch it again and again so youtube will not understand you as a good content creator. As a result, Your Video will get down and down.
  • Make videos lengthy but not extra, because when users leave the video in the middle, Youtube SEO bots understand it as Clickbait and your video won’t rank.
  • Do not make more than 10 seconds intro, because if the user skips the first 30 seconds, it will leave a destructive impact.
  • To see your Video views go to Youtube Studio, not click the video, and leaves it. To reply comment, use Youtube Studio.


There is a Pro Tip for our Users, You can also use an Extension, which name is VidIQ. It usually makes SEO more comfortable and finds keywords faster. It has many versions, and it also has a free version.

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