5 Best Whatsapp alternative apps that you should try

Do you use Whatsapp? If you use it, then, you have obviously read the new Whatsapp privacy policy. After getting this official notification from Whatsapp, People are getting confused and a little scared for their privacy and what they should be. Therefore, Many Whatsapp users are thinking of Whatsapp alternatives. That’s why we have posted an explained list of the 5 Best Whatsapp alternative apps that you should at least try in this article.

If you are thinking about the best alternative to Whatsapp. Or You just want to get knowledge of Whatsapp alternatives. Then, You should read ahead.

Whatsapp new privacy policy :

It was the time of the morning, the 5th of January, 2021. When Whatsapp users received a notification about Whatsapp’s privacy policy. Mainly, Whatsapp is officially talking about its users’ privacy and data on Whatsapp.

In uncomplicated words, Whatsapp Owner considers the following data that he can sell or share with other businesses in Whatsapp and Facebook. In Order to stay with fact, you should read this privacy policy from Whatsapp’s official website. Some noticeable points of the latest Whatsapp privacy policy are:

What types of Data Whatsapp will share with other businesses?

  • User Personal Details: Profile Photo, Mobile Number, About Info, and Status Updates
  • Group details except for private ones
  • User IP Address
  • User Phone Details: OS, Signal Strenght, Battery Status, and Time Zone
  • Payment and Transactions

What types of Data Whatsapp will NOT share with other businesses?

  • Chats
  • Personal Call and Group Calls: Audio and Videos
  • Contacts
  • Media that you are sharing
  • Location
  • Chats and Calls will remain end-to-end encrypted.

In addition to the above points, We prefer and recommend to read Whatsapp Official tweet for this matter and stay away from rumors of Social Media. Therefore, Whatsapp Officially tweeted to clarify what data it will share and what will not. You may visit Whatsapp Official tweet on Twitter to make yourself unconfuse.

5 Best Whatsapp alternative apps:

We are a lament for not explaining Whatsapp alternative firstly. Because it was necessary for us to describe all things as pure as possible. Finally, the following are 5 best Whatsapp alternative apps that you should use for better security and privacy protection:

#1 Telegram


Indeed, Telegram is the best Whatsapp alternative. Telegram is known to be the world’s most secure messaging service, even more than Whatsapp security. Telegram is one of the oldest and famous apps that has much popularity. Its popularity is based on two features. One is the High-Level Security of users and the second is the protection of users’ privacy. Remarkably, It is banned in some countries by the official government due to some critical reasons.

Basic Information:

Size: Telegram is near to be a clone of Whatsapp. Both Apps’ features are totally the same. Telegram size also varies with the device. Furthermore, You can use it on low-end devices too.

Ratings: Telegram is rated 4.4 by 67 Million people. Without a doubt, it should be rated as much as Whatsapp.

Specialty: Telegram is famous for its security and privacy protection. Moreover, It has the same features as Whatsapp. It has Dark Mode and it has a web option too. Hence, no need to moan about privacy concerns on this app!

Security of users:

Telegram clarifies on its official website that users’ security is the first priority for them. Furthermore, Telegram is more secure than Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. It encrypts all data that you share from Telegram. Especially, This encryption is end-to-end encryption.

Privacy Policy:

In Addition to all the above points, Telegram’s Privacy Policy has nothing serious, noticeable, and considerable points. It means that Telegram neither read your data nor sell it to anyone. It has zero ads and zero tracker too. Moreover, It is marked as trusted, secure, and reliable by many tech experts.

Get it from the Google play store: Telegram

#2 Viber


Viber is a free messaging app that supports media sharing and calls. Viber is among one of the best and top Whatsapp alternatives. Undoubtedly, Viber is also trusted and positive-rated by its users. Furthermore, Viber is being renown for its strong data encryption and tolerable privacy policy. Viber is a clean and minimalist design that you should at least try once. It is also hybrid like Whatsapp; It means you can use Viber not only on your phone but also on your Computer/Laptop.

Basic Information:

Size: Viber App size varies with device. If you have many messages and media on this app, consequently, it will contain high storage space and vice-versa.

Ratings: Viber is a messaging app; that is on the list of positive-rated by users. It is the leading Signal App and WeChat by rated by 14.5 Million users. Its rating is 4.4.

Specialty: Viber is famous for many things like data protection, bearable privacy policy, dark mode, simple UI, and many more features.

Security of users:

Viber is considering to be the most secure text messaging service. Its security just like Whatsapp with end-to-end encryption. Therefore, No third-person can read them.

Privacy Policy:

Viber collects more data than your thinking. It collects more than Whatsapp collects. But, Viber kept them safe and secure, and neither sold them. They may use your data for developing their system. Remarkably, It specified in its privacy policy that its owner can’t sell your data with your permission.

Get it from the Google play store: Viber

#3 Facebook Messenger


65% of Internet users use Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger is the world’s biggest and most famous messaging app just after Whatsapp. Its design is super cool. Dark Gradient with Dar Mode is lit. Furthermore, It is as secure as Whatsapp. From login to send a message, It encrypts all the data. Facebook Messenger is also one of the eldest messenger apps. It is owned by Facebook and Whatsapp too.

Basic Information:

Size: Facebook Messenger size also varies with the device. Moreover, It depends upon the data you save and the time period of the app. You can clear your storage by clearing Messenger’s cache and unnecessary files.

Ratings: Messenger is rated by 76.8 Million people with 4.2 ratings. It’s not enough; you can check its ratings on the apple store too. It is one of the most rated apps produced by Facebook.

Specialty: Facebook Messenger is famous for its Dark Mode and cool UI. Although It can’t give better performance on low-end devices, hence, you can get Messenger Lite for low end-devices.

Security of users:

Messenger can only be logged-in by Facebook Login. Therefore, Its login is as secure as Facebook. Moreover, All Text, Media, and Live video and audio calls are end-to-end encrypted. Therefore, It is also the most secure app.

Privacy Policy:

Facebook Messenger’s Privacy Policy: Facebook Messenger uses users’ data to enhance their system. Facebook doesn’t share or read messages as they are end-to-end encrypted. It is now building up and collaborating up with AI(Artificial Intelligence).

Get it from the Google play store: Facebook Messenger

#4 Signal


Signal App is another best Whatsapp alternative app that you should at least try once. Signal App is like Facebook Messenger. But, It provides more security and privacy protection than Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, On the play store, Signal App considered being as the most rated app like Facebook. It is also a simple and clean look app, that actually attracts users to use it.

Basic Information:

Size: Signal App contains space more than WeChat App. Because It works like Facebook Messenger: It saves all messages, photos, and videos until you delete it or uninstall the app.

Ratings: As we have just told you the Signal App is one of the most rated apps on the play store. It is leading all Messengers Applications with 4.5 ratings except Facebook Messenger.

Specialty: Signal is, famous for its UI and simplicity, identical to Facebook Messenger. It does not show any ad or tracker. It is totally free to use too.

Security of users:

Signal App’s first priority is its users’ security. Therefore, It secures text messages, audio, videos, calls, and other details with end-to-end encryption. In short, It encrypts data as same as Whatsapp.

Privacy Policy:

Signal App’s Privacy Policy: It collects minor information of users including a profile photo and phone number only. Signal App owner clarifies that he will neither sell app data nor use them for monetization. Therefore, there isn’t any privacy concern on the signal App.

Get it from the Google play store: Signal

#5 WeChat


WeChat is a social media app that allows you to text, call, and share media with your loved ones. WeChat is a Whatsapp alternative. But, It’s not popular as Whatsapp and Telegram. It is a simple and minimalist design app. There is not anything hard to learn in this app. Therefore, Its users embrace this app.

Basic Information:

Size: WeChat is a simple app that doesn’t require too much storage space. However, Its size depends upon the time period after you have installed the app.

Ratings: WeChat ratings on the Google play store is moderate. Its rating is 3.6. Maybe It will rise to 4.0 earlier in this situation.

Specialty: WeChat is, a light-weight app, the best messaging app for low-end mobiles. Many people use it as an alternative to Messenger and Whatsapp.

Security of users:

WeChat also encourages end-to-end encryption like Whatsapp. It means your data is safe while transmitting it to WeChat servers. Therefore, Its users’ security is considering to be High. WeChat explained “end-to-end encryption” well on its website.

Privacy Policy:

WeChat’s privacy policy has not any pointable and serious policy. In daily words, It isn’t collecting mass data as Whatsapp. However, It collects data but does not share them with anyone. Therefore, Its Privacy Policy has not any noticeable points.

Get it from the Google play store: WeChat

People also ask about Whatsapp alternative apps:

  1. What are the dangers of using Whatsapp?

    There are not any noticeable dangers of using Whatsapp except its privacy policy. It is said to be that Whatsapp doesn't care for its users' privacy a lot. This is not 100% accurate. Whatsapp can neither share your data with others nor can sell it without your permission. But, Whatsapp's new Privacy Policy update 2021 is making people move to other alternatives to it.

  2. Is Whatsapp safe in 2021?

    Whatsapp is among highly safe and encrypted apps over the internet. Whatsapp's new privacy policy update is only for taking permission from users about some personal details. Nevertheless, Whatsapp supports and encourages end-to-end encryption. In easier words, It means that no one can sniff and read your data.

  3. What is Whatsapp new update 2021?

    Whatsapp's new update 2021 is talking about Whatsapp's new privacy policy. We are not biased to Whatsapp, but sharing accurate and actual info is our first priority. Therefore, Whatsapp Official has also been tweeted on Twitter about rumors about Whatsapp's privacy policy update on Social Media.

  4. Does Whatsapp record calls?

    Whatsapp does not support call recording yet. May be after considering privacy, Its owner doesn't allow for call recordings. However, there are many third-party applications that are available on the google play store. That will help you to record Mobile's screen.

  5. What does Whatsapp do with my data?

    Whatsapp collects a lot of data from its users. They use it for making their system more feasible to use. In addition to it, the Whatsapp owner doesn't sell or share your data with anyone without asking you. Moreover, Whatsapp stores your data but read them to make their system better.

  6. Which is better Telegram or Whatsapp?

    We can't say which is better: Telegram or Whatsapp. But, we can describe the pros and cons of using Whatsapp and Telegram. Whatsapp's is beautiful in UI and UX. Furthermore, Whatsapp doesn't show ads that can frustrate you and Telegram doesn't show them too. Both are good options. But, In terms of Security and Privacy of users, Whatsapp can't lead more. Undoubtedly, Telegram is famous for its users' security and privacy. Therefore, Telegram is better than Whatsapp in terms of privacy protection and security.

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Final Words:

We may hope that you enjoyed reading this article as we enjoy and be passionate to serve articles for you. We do not force you to pick any app as an alternative to Whatsapp. It totally depends upon you that what you decide: Stay on Whatsapp OR Use Whatsapp Alternative that we have just described above.

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