Live Server for Visual Studio Code & Extension

Many Web Developers and Programmers are offended with VS Code by refreshing it again and again. Hence, Live Server Extension for Visual Studio Code will solve your problem.

We will tell You that How to Setup Live Server for Visual Studio code. But, Before that, we want to clear some of Your Confusion with some Definitions of Related Things.

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What is a Server?

The server is a Computer Hardware or Software that stores Files and Runs it according to called Functions.

On the other hand, the Server also means to Provide the internet. The server is related to site Hosting. The Site Server and Hosting Server maybe some but not always.

Learn more about Server from Wikipedia.

Is my PC also a Server?

No, Your PC is not a server by built-in. But, You can make it a Server by Doing settings. You can also do it with a Software named XAMPP.

In Visual Studio Code Live Server Extension, It also Converts Your PC into a Web Server or Localhost.

What is a Localhost?

LocalHost is also a WebServer. It stores files in Your Local Storage. Then, Run it by making Your PC a server. It’s IP is

VS Code Live Server Extension use this method and make a server on Your Targeted File Storage. You can do it Your Self. But, Extension Installation Method is easy for that.

But, This Server is only available to Your PC. Although, You can use this outside of your PC by Port Forwarding.

Method for Setting up Live Server for Visual Studio Code

Finally, There are Some Steps. By which, You can easily enable Live Server for Your VS Code. You have to follow all methods step by step. Then, You will able to set it up.

  • Your Visual Studio Code should be updated to the Latest Verison: For Setting up Live Server, You have to Update Your VS Code. You can update it from Settings.
  • Search for Live Server: Firstly, Click on Extensions icon left Side of VS Code. Then, search for “Live Server”. Many Extensions will appear. Click on That one which is made by “Ritwick Dey”.
  • Install Live Server: Simply, Click on Install Button. However, It can take some time. After Installation, Restart Your VS Code.
  • Final Step: Open Your HTML File. Right, Click on it. Click on Open with Live Server Button. VS Code may ask for Firewall Access. You will see your File will Open in this IP “”. For Stopping Right-Click again and Click on Stop Live Server Button. Enjoy Live Server now!


We may Hope that You have understood How to set up Live Server. If you have any confusion. Then, You can read how to set up it from Live Server Extension Description on VS code. You can say thanks to us in Comments.

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