Android OS Apps are mostly written in what Programming Language?

Have you ever wondered that Applications in the android apps are mostly written in which Programming Language; Android Apps are being written in Java Language. Java is also the official programming language in which Android OS is written.

We do not want our users to feel confused while reading our Articles. Therefore, there are some short explanations of related things to Android. You may read for a better understanding. If you know what Android is, its brief history, and other exciting things related to it. Then, You can quickly move to the topic. However, We strongly recommend to read them too.

What is Android?

Android is an Operating System like Windows OS, Linux, Parrot OS, etc. Google made it an open-source OS. It means Any Developer can access its code. Moreover, Many Companies expanded Android OS to TV, Cars, and other touch screen devices. Maybe that’s why a massively increasing number of Android users and tremendous support by Android OS Developers.

In short, Hundred Millions of users uses Android OS, and It is the world most popular and most used Operating System among Mobile and Touch Screen Devices. Android 11 is the latest version, made by Google. It was just released on 8 September 2020. Google updated, and it comes with great features and a Beautiful User Interface. You can try Android 11 Interface from Android studio. If you want more elaboration about Android and its history, you may visit Wikipedia to learn more about the Android Operating System.

What are Programming Languages and Why it is used for?

Programming Language is a set of rules, functions, and vocabularies. It helps us to integrate with Hardware. Therefore, There is very importance of Programming Languages in Computer Science. It is used to make Operating Systems and also for creating software and for Problems Solving. You can search on Google about it.

In which Language Android OS is written?

Android Operating System is developed in C++ and C Language. Java is used to make its User Experience. It is a Linux based OS. It means that the Linux Kernel is used in Android OS. For better understanding, You can browse Android Source Code yourself as it is an open-source system.

Applications on the Android OS are mostly written in what programming language?

Applications on the Android OS are mostly written in Java Programming Language. It is Java not Javascript. There is a lot of diffrence between them. Java runs on 3 billion Android Devices over the world. It is an old Programming Language. Let’s learn more about Java.

What is Java Programming Language?

Java is an object-oriented programming language. It is used to run Desktop Applications, Mobile Apps, Games, Embedded Systems Programs, and so on. It is also famous for working with a massive amount of data, Information Technology, writing algorithms, stock exchange, billing applications, etc.

When it was developed; It brought great renown to the company and became famous as a most used language for Android Applications. But, In these Java users are moving to other new technologies like Flutter, Kotlin, React Native, etc.

You can get more about Java from here.

Want to learn Java?

For Developers, especially Android Developers, Java has very important. It is certainly a Primary language used to develop Android Apps. If you want to learn Java. Then, You can learn it from It is very easy to learn and may lead to Good Career. You can also explore Youtube channels for learning in your native language.

People also ask:

  1. Which is Best? Java vs Flutter vs React Native

    If we talk about more efficient and Fast, then React Native is on the top. People are shifting towards Flutter and React Native. Not only because they are easy to learn but also for their speed.
    In 2020, Flutter is at second number leading to React Native. However, Researchers and Computer Scientist predicted that java will continue its leadership towards other hybrid Libraries and Programming Languages.

  2. What is the best programming language for Android Apps?

    If you are an Android App Developer or want to be, then, You should know what programming language is best for it and why should you learn them. There are some languages that are at the top and become used by Developers.
    As we discussed above that Java is the language that leads all languages in Android OS Apps Development.
    Then it is followed by Kotlin, Python, C++, and C#. Hence, Java is the best option if you want to become an Android App Developer.

  3. What programming language is used for IPhone or iOS Apps?

    Apps in the Apple iOS are written in Swift Programming Language; Swift is an easy, fast, powerful, and intuitive Programming Language. It isn't much famous as Java, Kotlin, Dart, etc. Likely, It will have a great future. However, there is a large number of Android OS Developers than Apple ones. Hence, It is a great time to learn it.

  4. Is C++ used for Android Apps?

    Yes, Now, C++ can be used to develop Android Apps. Microsft added this capability to C++ to develop Android Apps. The platform uses the CLANG toolchain when compiling for Android. Hence, You can make Android Apps using C++. It is very easy to learn.

  5. Can you build mobile apps with Python?

    No, We can't make mobile apps using Python. But, there are some libraries that help Python Programmers to able to build Android Apps — Kivy, PyQt, and Beeware's Toga. Python is a powerful language to build Websites and Desktop Applications. However, Learning Python only for Android App Development is not a good option at all.


In Short, Java is the programming language that used to develop Android Apps. If we talk about Android App Development, Java is going a little down nowadays. Because many Fast and Efficient Libraries like React Native and Flutter are used by developers rather than Java. People are also moving towards Web and Mobile Hybrid Applications instead of making only Android Apps using Java. However, Java is a High-Level Programming Language and can’t be ignored or neglected.

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