Best Android Apps for musicians 2021

Are you a musician or want to be a good musician? — Then, You must be aware of these ten free android apps for musicians:

List of Best Android Apps for singers and musicians:

  1. Metronome Beats
  2. Walk Band
  3. Circle of Fifths
  4. Chord Progression
  5. Smart Chord
  6. Band Lab
  7. Music Maker JAM
  8. Music Maker
  9. REMX
  10. FL Studio Mobile

All Apps that are mentioned above are available in the play store. All are free to install except FL Studio Mobile; However, All Apps are top-rated for Good Music and Beats Making. For good results, You have to be creative while making new Beats.

If you want to be a musician or you are learning to become a musician; You can learn how to use these apps. Moreover, If you are for the best android recording app, some are made for multipurpose, including Vocal recording.

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The top 10 free android apps for musicians are below:

#1: Metronome Beats

Metronome Beats is a free app available in the play store. Rather than going to the studio, You can use it for music practicing, music rhythm making, special sound effects, and many more. This app is straightforward to learn for newbie musicians.

Furthermore, You can add your vocal to your music. It is a good app for other options as well; You can play many musical instruments. In addition to it, You can practice your song on background rhythm as well.

Beats: You can change rhythm speed according to your need; you can find BPM(Beats per minute) option in the app easily. The best thing that you must know about it is its “Tap Tempo” option. On clicking it, it will set BPM according to music and surrounding.

Get it from Playstore: Metronome Beats

#2: Walk Band

Walk Band: The main feature of Walk Band is having many in-app musical instruments, e.g., Piano, Guitar, Drum Kit, Drum Machine, Bass, and Violin. This is the best android app for jazz musicians; Because You can find barely an app having many instruments and other options.

Walk Band also offers thousand of background kinds of music and rhythms via sound cloud. You can make your songs and kinds of music with your creativity. Nevertheless, It is an excellent app for new music learners.

Walk Band is also a free android app for singers; it is available in the play store. Its output sound is just like the sound produce by the music studio. Indeed, It is a better solution.

Get it from Playstore: Walk Band

#3: Circle of Fifths

If you have some know-how of music and sounds; then, You would have heard the name “Circle of Fifths” from your teacher or anyone who knows music well. In other words, It has much significance for singers and musicians.

If you are, or you want to be, a musician; You must learn this app. It will help you while creating different beats at the same time.

However, It is a little harder to learn. Nevertheless, You can learn it in 1-2 days only. You have to click one node to play major and minor scale chords. It is also available in the play store for free.

Get it from Playstore: Circle of Fifths

#4: Chord Progression

Chord Progression is an essential app for musicians, singers, and beats makers as well. It is a suitable app for leading songs with background rhythm. However, Everyone can’t use it as it is challenging to use.

You can select three different levels in this app — Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. This is also a notable feature for every musician, whether he is a new musician or a pro musician.

Subsequently, You can change Tempo as well. You may explore more options on the app. It is also a free app that is available in the play store.

Get it from Playstore: Chord Progression

#5: Smart Chord

The smart chord is a versatile app made for musicians and singers. Mainly, It is made for guitar learners. It has many songbooks too.

It has many options as follows: Tuner, Circle of Fifths, Tone Generator, Chord Progression, changing Tempo, and many more. In short, This app includes all app that we have just explained above.

Smart Chord is also a good option. However, this is not too easy for newbies. Nevertheless, It is free and available in the play store.

Get it from Playstore: Smart Chord

#6: Band Lab

Band Labs also an app that musicians should have on their mobiles. Band Labs is basically for different Instrument sounds: Piano, Guitar, Drum Kit, Drum Machine, Bass, and Violin.

You can add your vocal as a background sound too. It can import your sounds; You can export your projects. It is a simple app. Anyone can learn it in just 30 minutes.

In addition to it, It also has a looper option. It will help you while setting background sound and beats.

Band Lab is also a free app and available in the play store.

Get it from Playstore: Band Labs

#7: Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM is well-known for its UI. Moreover, It has unique options, including Sound mixing. This app is all about beats. As we have talked about BPM; You can change BPM in this app according to your need.

Although, It hasn’t many options. Nevertheless, It is well rated for multi-beats as well. Realistic sound effects make it more beautiful to hear. This app is purely made for those musicians who just started to learn music.

Get it from Playstore: Music Maker JAM

#8: Music Maker

Music Maker is an appreciable app for its composition by different beats, kinds of music, vocals, background rhythms via sound cloud. It also has a very cool user interface.

It has many beat types. You can add your vocal by just drag and drop or import your recording file in it. Similarly, It also has an export option, where you can export your music easily. Therefore, It is an easy app to learn.

It also has many instruments — Violin, Guitar, drum and many more. You can add or remove different tools in this app. It is available in the play store for free.

Get it from Playstore: Music Maker

#9: REMX

All the apps that we have listed above are available in the play store except REMX. According to our research, REMX is not available in the play store. You have to get it from its official site.

REMX is a beautiful app with portrait mode. Nevertheless, You can change to landscape mode because it is more comfortable for singers to create music.

By considering its name, You can find that it is made for song remixing. It has many numbers of output that became famous widely over the internet. Furthermore, You can use it for leading too.

As it is not available on the play store, We strongly recommend not to install this app.

Get it from Official Site: REMX.

#10: FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is the best android app for musicians. This is among the best android apps for singers and well-rated by top musicians all over the world. Moreover, It has every option and setting that we have described in the above nine apps.

However, Among all ten apps listed, FL Studio Mobile is not a free app. But, You should buy it rather than installing nine apps. This is available in the play store at a low price. Furthermore, It is also used by professional song-makers.

FL Studio Mobile is too hard for new users. If you are going to buy it; then, you must find a related youtube video tutorial. Otherwise, It will not be feasible.

Get it from Playstore: FL Studio Mobile

People also ask:

  1. What apps do musicians use?

    Android users use the Poweramp app for music. It is a choice of millions of peoples. It is straightforward to use. You can quickly get it from the Google play store.

  2. What app does Android use for music?

    Android users use the Poweramp app for music. It is a choice of millions of peoples. It is very easy to use. You can easily get it from the Google play store.

  3. What is the best music recording app for Android?

    There are many music recording apps for Android available on the play store. The best of them are below:
    01) FL Studio Mobile.
    02) BandLab.
    03) Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder.
    04) Audio Evolution Mobile Studio.
    05) Easy Voice Recorder.

  4. What is the default music player for Android?

    After Android 10, The default music player for Android is Youtube Music. You can find it on your phone, and it is a pre-installed app. Youtube Music is also available on the play store.

  5. What is the default music player for iPhone?

    Similar to Android, the iPhone store also has many music players. But, The default music player app for iPhone is Apple Music. Apple Music is also a pre-installed app like Youtube Music and Google Play Music.


All Apps mentioned above are well-rated; therefore, You must not have any doubt related to it. We have tried our best to don’t make you confused about what app you should choose. Accordingly, If you have any questions, so you can ask us freely in the comments.

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