5 Best Whatsapp alternative apps that you should try

Do you use Whatsapp? If you use it, then, you have obviously read the new Whatsapp privacy policy. After getting this official notification from Whatsapp, People are getting confused and a little scared for their privacy and what they should be. Therefore, Many Whatsapp users are thinking of Whatsapp alternatives. That’s why we have posted … Read more

Best Android Apps for musicians 2021

Are you a musician or want to be a good musician? — Then, You must be aware of these ten free android apps for musicians: List of Best Android Apps for singers and musicians: Metronome Beats Walk Band Circle of Fifths Chord Progression Smart Chord Band Lab Music Maker JAM Music Maker REMX FL Studio … Read more

Android OS Apps are mostly written in what Programming Language?

Have you ever wondered that Applications in the android apps are mostly written in which Programming Language; Android Apps are being written in Java Language. Java is also the official programming language in which Android OS is written. We do not want our users to feel confused while reading our Articles. Therefore, there are some short explanations … Read more

Live Server for Visual Studio Code & Extension

Many Web Developers and Programmers are offended with VS Code by refreshing it again and again. Hence, Live Server Extension for Visual Studio Code will solve your problem. We will tell You that How to Setup Live Server for Visual Studio code. But, Before that, we want to clear some of Your Confusion with some Definitions of Related … Read more

Youtube SEO 2020 | Rank your Videos on Youtube

Introduction to SEO SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It means Rank your Content to Search Engine. Every Website or Youtube Video needs SEO to rank on Search Engines. SEO is likely the most essential part of Any Video. Without SEO, you can not achieve 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Time. So here … Read more

Best Programming Language for Cyber Security

As days are passing ago, Things on the Internet are developing more. Although, A new Internet User does not know about Cyber Security. In Addition to it, Cyber Security is becoming a challenge for Programmers and Developers. Therefore, Everyone should learn the Best Programming Language for Cyber Security. Because Everyone should keep his PC or Android safe … Read more

Top Universities for higher education in Pakistan

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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Computers?

Artificial Intelligence is a Method or Technique, which is used to create a Modern Machine having the ability of thinking. This Machine is not Like Simple Machines. Modern Programming is used to make these Machines. Because These Machines has the Power of Thinking. For Example, It knows What task to do or not to do. This is a very … Read more

Best Visual Studio Code Themes for Programmers

Every Programmer heard the name of the Visual Studio Code. But most of them do not know about the cool and Best Visual Studio Code Themes. Hence, You should check these themes to make Your Programming Cool. Programming is a Boring Work according to Some Programmers. To make it Cool and unboring, You can change the style of … Read more